Moving to a New Office in May 2016

Hi there sweet clients and friends –

STARTING IN MAY, Andy Blum Massage & Wellness will be in a new beautiful office located at 2148 Market Street – just a 5 minute walk south from where I am now and right across from the 24 hour fitness on Market St.

At the new space, there is a key pad entrance at street level, so feel free to come a little early before your session & unwind with a cup of hot tea in the waiting room. I will be in the office on Tu, Wed, Thur and Sat. I hope to see you there in May! 🙂

Keep an eye out for the new door codes on your confirmation e-mail.

Throughout April, I will still be available Monday, Friday and Sunday at 129 Fillmore.

Open Your Feet to Feel the effect

Our feet support our whole body! When we release the fasica of our feet, the bones of the feet are able to artiulate with ease. Our gait changes, we find walking easier and stress is actually alleviated from other areas of the body. For this reason, I have had clients who have experienced a decrease in headaches, hip pain and back troubles after releasing the fascia of the feet!

We often point to the area that hurts as the problem, but we must remember everything is connected. The feet are our foundation for our skeleton when we are standing, so they effect everything that is balancing on top of them!

Lately, I have been enjoying opening the fascia on the bottom of my feet using resistance balls. I appreciate the technique of the Franklin Method. You can use the special Franklin balls or any other small inflatable ball to do this practice.

Also, I would like to add a side note that opening the psoas muscles and hip flexors can also have a profound effect on the feet and on our gait!!! I find that computer users often end up with super tight hip flexors from sitting all day. They end up with a shortened stride that then inhibits the bones of the feet from articulating fully. So, after you roll out your feet, so yourself a favor and do a nice lunge stretch on that iliopsoas muscle!


Massaging my way across the Bay!

I am excited to announce that I have expanded to the East Bay! Starting in March, I will be working out of my new beautiful office on Piedmont Ave on Tuesday and Wednesday. My Oakland office is located alongside Piedmont Acupuncture and Wellness at 4153 Piedmont Avenue, 2nd Floor.

As for those of you that visit me at my SF office, don’t worry, I will still be working out of 129 Fillmore on Monday, Friday & Sunday.

Also, I graduated from the Yoga Tree Teacher Training program and proud to announce I am an official Yoga Teacher! Stay tuned for restorative classes at my new spacious Oakland office! My vision is to offer Yoga Nidra in a small group setting. We will move through only 4 postures per class, giving your fasica plenty of time for that divine myofascial release you need WHILE giving your nervous system a chance to unwind. Sessions will incorporate a bit of massage and meditation as well. Peaked your interest?! I hope you are as excited as I am.


so, Who is Andy Blum, CMT?

Andy Blum, CMT is dedicated to bringing ease and a deeper sense of embodiment to folks who spend most of their time working behind computers. Through empowering her clients around ergonomics, corrective exercise and yoga, Andy Blum, CMT goes beyond the typical massage to bring you the results you are looking for and get the knots out once and for all!

ANDYTHAILAND“Best I’ve ever experienced. I spent 1.5 years exploring massage therapists in San Francisco. I tried around 40 therapists. Andy was leagues ahead of the rest. I’ll never see anyone else again. I’ve recommended her to several of my friends, and now they are all hooked too.” J.F., Customer since April 2013